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Software venders use licensing contracts as the main way to enable their customers gain access to use their products. Such contracts determine the cost of acquisition and maintenance of the installed base in each customer according to different metrics and criteria. Customer deployment may deviate from their original license purchase, leading to non-compliance situations that need to be solved in order to preserve vendors` economic rights.

 Seven Eighths’ team has a demonstrated successful track record helping the most important software vendors managing their customers` license compliance situations. We can provide a global service which varies from a complete outsourced license management service dedicated team to tailor-made projects that complement each vendors` internal license management procedures.



Developing and operating disruptive technologies is the basis of many new businesses. The launch of a new technology can be a hinge point for your business whether you are an established player looking to expand your business model or a start-up.

Seven Eighths helps you design and execute the best IP-licensing legal framework to make sure you monetize your investment while protecting your rights if you choose to boost your growth by licensing your know-how to other companies.

Brands/Consumer Products

Merchandising of branded products under licensing agreements is a growingly popular phenomenon. The return on the IP development investment heavily relies on securing resilient legal and contractual frameworks and on optimizing revenue generation from the licensee’s sales activities, while protecting the IP from any reputational damage.

Seven Eighths’ teams of experts provide a global approach to IP management that can answer any of our clients’ needs with a tailor-made solution. Our services typically include legal assessment, royalty auditing, anti-piracy policies and education and awareness campaigns. We can work directly with your partners (licensors, agents…) on your behalf, completely aligned with your business interests and preserving your brand’s image.


Pharmaceutical companies undergo huge investments to develop new drugs, and it can then take decades before these reach the market. Licensing their IP to third-party manufacturers is typically the way to reach wide distribution quickly, and ensure returns on their investments. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that the use of the licensing rights comply with the terms of their contracts and that the royalties paid to the IP owner reflect the actual success of the new drug.

Seven Eighths can become your partner to maximize the returns of your IP operations. Our legal expertise is crucial in this industry given the high complexity of the license contracts signed with third party manufacturers.

The licensor-licensee relationship in this sector is often a single excerpt of larger alliances, we understand this situation and our approach through the audit process is always collaborative thus safeguarding our clients’ long-term objectives.

Media & Entertainment

IP developers and owners of sports, media & entertainment content need to make several key decisions to define and implement their IP management models. Seven Eighths can advise you on designing your network of licensors and licensees, structuring your contractual and making sure that all due royalties are properly declared and payed for through a detailed audit plan.

In some cases, where the operations window of an IP is uniquely limited in time (e.g. a film launch, the introduction of market-disruptive products), Seven Eighths can deploy a customized anti-piracy plan to minimize the presence of illegally distributed contents or of illegal products on the market during the launch and operations phases.


The licensing agreements that rule franchises typically issue rights to run a business using a brand name, a common business-operating support system, and to regulate the payment of initial and fixed fees and royalties based on operational revenue. Different from other licensing businesses, franchises regulate specific procedures to operate a business thus making the compliance enforcement even more important. The adequacy of the franchisee model of operations has a direct impact on the image end consumers have of the franchise.

Seven Eighths can provide a global array of services to ensure full compliance at an operational and financial level. Understanding your development plan enables us to support you fully, for instance in designing your legal framework, performing royalty audits, preparing educational campaigns for franchisees or performing mystery shopper events to test the operational procedures.

Publishing industry

The way publishers distribute their editorial contents is changing rapidly, and the return on investment is highly dependent on the strategy chosen to ensure their rights are preserved.

Seven Eighths’ expertise can help publishers achieve their business targets implementing channel enforcement and anti-piracy initiatives in both physical and virtual environments.