Garmendia Consulting Group announces corporate name change to Seven Eighths to reflect a broader focus on license compliance

September 6, 2016

Garmendia Consulting Group – a global leader in software license management with more than a decade of history – announced today that it is changing its corporate name to Seven Eighths. The name change reflects the company´s aim to become the leading license compliance advisory firm generating value for clients with presence in all industries that are ruled by IP management and licensing agreements.

“The new name – Seven Eighths – refers to the the fact that an iceberg floats in the Artic with only one-eighth of its mass above water while the greater, more potentially devastating, portion hides beneath the surface” said Manuel Rubiales, CEO of Seven Eighths. “We like the strong analogy to our services, helping our clients to unlock business opportunities that hide beneath their IP licensing structures.”

The new name is effective immediately, and will be implemented across the company´s services and communications throughout the following months.

About Seven Eighths:

Seven Eighths is a global firm highly specialized in license compliance with offices in 14 countries.

Our clients are mostly based in Europe and North America, but our activity represents their interests worldwide.

Our knowledge provides our clients with a suite of professional services that ensure an integral management of their IP licensing rights, maximizing our clients financial return and ensuring their IP protection while preserving the final customer’s reputation.

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