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Legal, Contractual & Intellectual property Services

Legal, contractual and Intellectual Property perspectives constitute the core of the services we provide. These perspectives are covered by our experienced professionals (intellectual property specialists, lawyers, relevant academic professors, influential industry professionals, and relevant external trusted advisors).

The legal, contractual, and Intellectual Property perspective is to be found in all the services we deliver and, is part of our specific high-value offering. It includes sectorial lobbying, legal & contractual framework assessments, compliance policy consulting, the design of intellectual property management strategies, contractual baselining, end user and channel legal approach and engagements, legal obstacles removal, NDAs & liability contracts statements negotiations, endorsing forensic & chain of custody strategies, legal opinions (licensing, IP risk, liability, compliance), risk assessments, negotiation & settlement support, legal pre-enforcement & enforcement services, legal escalation path definition, cease & desist actions, legal warnings, legal actions (IP, civil and criminal) and commercial legal support.

Technical IT & Forensic

The technical & Forensic IT perspective is inherent to the license management & compliance activity. In the software industry, the deployment and usage of software must be detected, tracked, measured, and analyzed and this activity requires special skills and knowledge in the specific technology under review and in the general technological framework.

In other industries, the Forensic IT ability is key to identifying situations of noncompliance or intellectual property infringements.

Our technical R&D Centre works in collaboration with the top software manufacturers to ensure the best technical approach and the optimal measurement of software deployment and usage. In our labs, we replicate situations of deployment, over-deployment, intensive usage (direct or indirect), integrations, multiplexing, hacking, cracking, tracking, as well as different ways of discovering and measuring the software use.

Commercial & Sales

The commercial & sales perspective is key in the design, definition, implementation and execution of a license management & compliance initiative. Our specialized team ensures value maximization and customer satisfaction from the beginning to the conclusion of the engagement. It is active in most of the services we deliver – being the software regularization the end objective of our clients – and is part of a high-value specific offering. We cover targeting, commercial baselining & customer profiling, early opportunity detection, opportunity assessment & maximization strategies, reselling & trading licenses, commercial negotiations with end users/customers and commercial support in and out of court negotiations as well as settlement elaborations.


Our consultancy services allow our clients to extend their expert knowledge, ensuring the implementation of the best license management & compliance practices, transforming their business, IT, IP and legal knowledge accordingly. Our consultancy services are permeated with our strong IP and legal background and IT technical abilities in a business oriented philosophy.

Our portfolio includes: Intellectual property strategy, licensing model definition, IP management & compliance strategy, compliance matrix analysis, targeting strategy, piracy monitoring, and illegal content tracking and removal.

We also specialize in designing, implementing and executing different types of engagements (software asset management, advisory, true up and compliance audits), measurement techniques (intensive forensic methods, declarative self-measurements, non-invasive audit control), as well as compliance analysis and resolution models.


Focused on the license management & compliance strategy, our expert marketing & communication team has the ability to transform potential non-compliance situations into commercial opportunities that bring revenue whilst focusing on long term customer satisfaction care. As part of our extensive experience and in addition to our IP management strategy and compliance policy, we specialize in finding potential opportunities to develop proactive communication activities in support of your license management & compliance strategy.

Our marketing and communication services portfolio includes: license compliance communication strategies, reputational risk assessment, legal marketing strategy, market research and investigation, assessment on potential revenue conversion, qualified leads generation, direct marketing, and educational, and awareness campaigns.